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About the program

We are thrilled to introduce our unique app exclusively for Apple Vision Pro and would love to hear your valuable feedback to help us make it even better.

By joining our community of testers, you'll gain early access to the app and play a crucial role in its development. Sign up and make a significant impact on the user experience with your insights.
Why participate?
  • Early access
    You get exclusive early access to the app, as well as new features and updates.
  • Influence development
    Your insights and feedback will directly impact the app’s development, helping us refine features, fix bugs, and enhance the overall user experience.
  • Community involvement
    You will be part of an awesome community of users dedicated to shaping the future of the app by ensuring it meets the needs and expectations of our users.
How it works
Sign up and complete the screening questionnaire.
Wait for our confirmation email with further instructions.
Start providing your feedback and opinions!
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