boot·load·er /ˈbo͞otˌlōdər/ a program that loads an operating system when a computer is turned on.
We're in stealth mode.

Bootloading a future where humans and affective AIs interact in a totally natural and intuitive way.

If you are a visionary creative artist or a highly skilled engineer with a proven track record of accomplishments, and you are enthusiastic about making meaningful contributions to an upcoming project that is poised to be truly exceptional, while collaborating with a diverse team of top professionals from around the world who are at the forefront of their respective fields, If you're curious about our project and would like to learn more, we welcome you to get in touch with us.

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Game Design / Ho Chi Minh city / On site or remote
Engineering / Ho Chi Minh City / On-site
Engineering, Backend and DevOps /
Ho Chi Minh city / On site or hybrid
Production / Ho Chi Minh / Onsite
Engineering / Ho Chi Minh City / Onsite
Marketing & Community Executive / Ho Chi Minh City / Onsite
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Meet the Team
  • Bryan Pelz

    Co-founder & CEO
    I was the founding CEO of VNG, the top game producer and publisher in Vietnam. I've spent 25 years in games, media, and AI. I've also served on the boards of FPT software, Vietnamworks, and Pizza 4Ps.

    I started Bootloader to meld mixed reality and AI in way that will vastly impact society for the better.
  • Nam Ma Kim

    I'm a COO with more than 20 years of experience scaling businesses, wearing different hats: product, marketing, communication, operations, HR and even public affairs.

    After my time at giant tech corps (Microsoft, Facebook), I now prefer smaller ambitious tech companies.
  • Daniel Morton

    I love numbers and tech. I worked in investment banking in London/Paris for 10 years. After that, I spent 15 years as a CFO in tech startups in North America and Asia. I worked with MIT for 3 years on driverless cars.

    I am pleased to be working with Bryan again.

  • Duong Kim Ngan
    Head of People
    I have built the talent management pipeline for series a and successfully exited startups. And I'm looking to do exactly that at Bootloader.

    I'm passionate and stubborn with the grit and will to make things work.
  • Au Duong Trung
    Lead 3D Artist
    I lead the 3D production team. I shifted from graphic design to game art because I love playing them.

    People see me as someone who's funny, adaptive, and a shopaholic. my super power is my family.
  • Benoit Godde
    Art Director
    More than 15 years working in the movies and video game industry, as a concept artist on Eight Days, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls. Art director for Detroit Become Human,

  • Vo Thi Thanh
    3D Artist
    I'm an industrial designer by training. so working on the virtual world challenges my old way of looking at things.

    I'm stubborn, love challenges, daring and focus on my life goals.
  • Pham Thi Thanh Thu
    3D Artist
    I chose 3D art, fueled by my passion to express myself.

    I am a crazy, sincere, enthusiastic and responsible person.
  • Le Thi Bich Tuyen
    3D Artist
    I became a 3D artist because I fell in love with virtual characters as a little girl. And I am living my dream working on them at Bootloader.

    I am adaptable, enthusiastic and responsible.
  • Paul Rattner
    Game Designer
    I’ve been a video game designer, producer, and manager pretty much all my career, which stretches all the way back to when RPGs ruled the earth.

    I'm a man of wealth and taste.
  • Daniel Caune
    Server Software Architect
    I’m a technology enthusiast and server tamer who loves gathering millions of people in the cloud. I’m also a backend and cloud architect who loves to code, with over 25 years of international experience in building innovative consumer softwares across different industries.
  • Minh Nguyen
    Finance Director
    Minh actually doesn't say much
  • Vo Hoang My
    Executive Assistant
    I'm introverted and a bit careless. yet my work requires me to be precise and communicative. And I'm darn good at it.

    I'm an avid reader so I usually get lost in whichever world my books transport me to.
We are a distributed team working from all over 3 continents:

Asia | Europe | North America

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We're excited about the potential of our Affective AI and the impact it will have on the world. If you excel in your field and share our passion for AI, mixed reality, and creating meaningful change, we invite you to connect with us.
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