boot·load·er /ˈbo͞otˌlōdər/ a program that loads an operating system when a computer is turned on.
we're building the bootloader for the next phase of human evolution. we're in stealth mode, building a AAA augmented reality experience combined with cutting-edge AI.

if you’re an elite artist or engineer who wishes to work on a AAA title with a diverse team of international professionals at the top of their game, join us. we're doing interesting work, we pay well, and our offices are cool.

we're hiring!

our people
  • heo
    inspirational leader

    heo can't really speak for herself but if she could, she'd say the food in our office is above average, and her pillow is quite nice, and most of the people smell ok.

  • bryan pelz

    founder & ceo

    i was the founding ceo of vng, the top game producer and publisher in vietnam. i've spent twenty-five years in games, media, and AI. i've also served on the boards of fpt software, vietnamworks, and pizza 4Ps.

    i started bootloader to meld mixed reality and AI in way that will vastly impact society for the better.

  • au duong trung

    lead 3d artist

    i lead the 3D production team. i shifted from graphic design to game art because i love playing them.

    people see me as someone who's funny, adaptive, and a shopaholic. my super power is my family.

    why bootloader? I wanted to join the development team of a mix reality project and the team is super cool.

  • paul rattner
    game designer

    i’ve been a video game designer, producer, and manager pretty much all my career, which stretches all the way back to when RPGs ruled the earth.

    i'm a man of wealth and taste.

    i knew and respected bryan from my vng days in vietnam, so when he contacted me with the idea of starting a studio focused on AI and AR, i leapt at the chance. i think we are in the right place at the right time to do something incredible.

  • duong kim ngan
    head of people

    i have built the talent management pipeline for series a and successfully exited startups. and i'm looking to do exactly that at bootloader.

    i'm passionate and stubborn with the grit and will to make things work.

    i joined bootloader simply because of the founder — bryan.

  • benoit godde
    artistic director

    after a few years of practicing design and HTML, i fell into the wonderful world of the movies as a graphic designer and concept artist. being a great fan of video games, it was natural for me to join the big family of video games.

    i try to give everything i do my all. so nothing feels like work.

    i met bryan in my past life working as a website designer. i see bootloader as a new adventure, which i believe is different and very promising.

  • duhwee
    product leader

    my journey into product management can be described as unorthodox. though unintentional, i love what I do especially geeking over data and interactive graphs.

    i'm the resident clown wherever i go. other than that, you can find me dancing my way into meetings or just the bathroom.

    i was trying to break into deep tech. and a life-long friend approached me with an opportunity to work on a mixed reality experience. the rest is history.

  • le thi bich tuyen
    3d artist

    i became a 3D artist because i fell in love with virtual characters as a little girl. and I am living my dream working on them at bootloader.

    i am adaptable, enthusiastic and responsible.

    i joined bootloader because it has a strong team and the project is new and interesting to me. i want to work and learn from my colleagues.

  • vo thi thanh
    3d artist

    i'm an industrial designer by training. so working on the virtual world challenges my old way of looking at things.

    i'm stubborn, love challenges, daring and focus on my life goals.

    why bootloader? because the product coincides with my personal interest, and what we are doing is paving the way for the future. i love that.

  • pham thi thanh thu
    3d artist

    i chose 3D art, fueled by my passion to express myself.

    i am a crazy, sincere, enthusiastic and responsible person.

    i joined bootloader because of the vision. the leaders are empathetic and helpful and the salary was competitive. to me, an exciting job, fun working environment, and attractive benefits are important.

  • nguyen le hoang minh
    head of finance

    minh doesn't actually say much.

  • vo hoang my
    executive assistant

    i'm introverted and a bit careless. yet my work requires me to be precise and communicative. and I'm darn good at it.

    i'm an avid reader so i usually get lost in whichever world my books transport me to.

    the product is extremely intriguing to me. and bootloader pays well :)

  • animation lead
    20 years of animation experience, including movies and many game titles.
  • daniel caune
    server software architect

    i’m a technology enthusiast and server tamer who loves gathering millions of people in the cloud. i’m also a backend and cloud architect who loves to code, with over 25 years of international experience in building innovative consumer softwares across different industries.

    i've worked on several projects with Bryan and I fell in love with this new promising venture.

  • roger weber
    unreal engine gameplay lead

    i have been programming since the age of 10. so i was going to be either an engineer or an actor. i am a natural leader with strong technical background and people skills. i am drone #13-37.

    i’ve worked on over two dozen released titles, i scaled the rankedgaming platform to 60M+ global users. i play chess; i love video and board games.

    a good work environment and treating people right are two of my core principles.

    with bootloader, i saw a fit with my own personal values, and i couldn’t have been more right. if you’re looking for a great team to join to change the world for the better, look no further.

life at bootloader

our vision
to build a better world by creating mixed reality AI companions who provide everyday positive emotional engagement.
our mission
to create a new generation of engaging virtual characters through inventive AI technology and world-class creative talent.

about us

at bootloader studio, we love super-smart, innovative people who are fun and thrive in a collaborative team environment. we hire only the best and are looking for people who are:

  • open-minded and comfortable in an intense, high-growth startup
  • innovative and love to find new ways to solve problems
  • able to adapt according to changing project schedules
  • self-motivated and can work independently
  • totally committed to quality
  • professional and responsible

work environment

our team is everything, so at bootloader studio we pay close attention to the work environment.

  • 100% product/innovation-focused startup company with experienced founders.
  • flat organization – come work with us in out minion-free environment!
  • open communication – we listen to our team.
  • friendly, flexible, and fun culture.
  • swanky offices.

contact us
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we're in the sonatus building in the heart of district 1 in ho chi minh city.